Classroom to Learning Studio
Here, a Learning Studio is a hybrid of a classroom, a studio and a family room. 

For a typical K-12 classroom with a minimum requirement of 960 sq. ft., a learning studio morphs the same desks and chairs into an eclectic layout of furniture and technology. In effect, the 960 sq. ft. becomes a place of unique micro learning spaces. Also, no assigned seating is the norm here.

Micro Learning Spaces are small areas within a learning studio that may include, but are not limited to the following spaces, furniture and equipment.
  • Wobble, Rocking, Balance Ball Chairs

  • Sitting Desks

  • Standing Desks

  • Presentation Station

  • Mobile Whiteboard Easels

  • Whiteboard Walls 

  • Study Nooks with Soft Furniture for individualized space

  • Floor Space with Carpet and/or Matting/Pillows/Cushions

  • Teaming and Maker Space Tables

  • Personalized Storage Space for each student
    (especially if you don't have assigned seating)

  • In a word, "cozy"
Learning Studio Showcase

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