Library to Learning Commons
Here, a Learning Commons is a hybrid of a library, media center, coffee house and hotel lobby. 

A Learning Commons transforms a traditional library of bookshelves and study tables into a school's cultural and digital hub. It is now a community learning center made up of mobile and fixed zones with a variety of media, technology and powered furniture. 

Learning zones may include, but are not limited to the following areas, furniture and learning equipment.

  • Gathering Zone
    • Entry soft benches and furniture
    • Charging Zone - Power and USB stations
    • Kiosk/Digital Signage Display Spaces

  • Cafe Zone - (Secondary Schools) - snacks allowed or not allowed
    • Sometimes part of Gathering Zone
    • Standing Cafe Tables with Stools

  • Circulation Desk & Device Checkout Zone
    • Possibly including a student driven Genius/Tech Support Bar

  • Teaming Zones -
    • Huddle/Teaming Tables with Flat Screen Displays and power
    • Computer Tables with cord management
    • Geometric Tables w/ power that come together for group work

  • Classroom Zone
    • Desk Chairs w/ casters
    • Nesting Tables w/Task Chairs
    • AV Displays

  • Bookshelves and Reference Zones
    • Bookshelves moved to walls as to maximize floor space zones and secured to walls for earthquake safety
  • Individual and Small Group Study Spaces
    • Soft Furniture Chairs and Couches
    • Occasional Tables
    • Rocking Chairs
  • Media Campfire Zone
    • U Shaped Tiered hard and soft seating booth
    • AV Displays
Learning Commons Showcase Slideshows


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