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Makerspace Tables - Sit/Stand Options

Elementary Example with -
  • Laminate top and heavy duty side molding
  • Sturdy Round legs with 6 screw plate for support
  • Caster Wheels
Secondary Schools Example with Butcher block top

Maker Tables are not just for shop class anymore. The tables are solid with welded supports in fixed and adjustable heights to provide sit/stand options with a variety of stool combinations. Students also have the option to scoot back their stool and stand while working in their learning space. Look for solid materials like butcher block tops over laminate tops with press board material. See my link for more information on Makerspaces.

Note- This is only a public introduction page. I have specific manufacturer/vendor products, services and pricing to share with my clients and their associates to meet district, school and/or individual learning space needs.

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