Project Learning Spaces 

GROUPWERK® orchestrates philanthropic projects by providing donated new, sample or overstock furniture and equipment directly to teachers and librarians in K-12 schools wanting to transform their classrooms, libraries or labs into 21st century learning spaces.  

Click on the info packet button below for more details of this innovative program as we partner with participating furniture businesses, organizations and citizens. 

Project Learning Spaces™ Wish List Program 
The Wish List Program operates on two fronts- 
  1. Contact Doug McIntosh from GROUPWERK™ at dgmcintosh@gma​ if you are interested in donating from one of the Wish List's below or just need more information on this unique program. GROUPWERK™ works directly with schools and their teachers and librarians in need of the items listed in the Wish Lists.

  2. Use the Wish Lists for your own purposes to print and discover items found in flexible learning spaces as ideas for shopping at Amazon, Walmart, IKEA, Ross and other competitive stores that carry similar products.
Recipients from Project Learning Spaces  

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