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Rocking Chairs

Every body need to rock and so its pretty basic that rocking chairs are for everyone. Don't just think of small children, students with special needs and the elderly. Rockers make an excellent alternative seating option for all K-12 students needing movement and a break from their static desk seating position in class. Here are two modern "universal designs for learning" that put a little rock in a student's roll.

 PantoMove-Lupo Chair | VS America
The PantoMove-LuPo chair is one of the most ergonomic, height-adjustable, swivel chairs on the market. Designed by Verner Panton, the chair was engineered to flex with the natural movements of the body. 

The double-walled, perforated polypropylene (PP) seat offers a pleasant air cushion effect and supports the back. 

The most outstanding feature is the optional 3-D rocking mechanism, allowing for movement backward, forward and to the sides. The PantoMove chair is available with or without castors. Includes either height adjustments from 13-16" or 16-21".
 PantoSwing-Lupo Forward-flexing Cantilever Chair | VS America
The PantoSwing-LuPo chair was designed to allow students to sit in varied positions, encouraging both healthy body and mind. Verner Panton, a pioneer in ergonomic chair design, created the dynamic chair to bend forward and backward to move with the body. Studies show that rocking while seated increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, thus enhancing concentration. The double-wall micro-perforated soft polypropylene seat offers a pleasant cushion effect due to air circulation, yet is virtually unbreakable and will not show stress marks. 
Includes a complete line from 12 1/4" to 19 3/4".
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