As a K-12 educator, I design with a holistic approach to integrate learning design with physical and digital space design. I call this, Transformation by Design™I team directly with the people within a school or district wanting to change their traditional learning spaces.

This transformation from 20th to 21st century learning spaces uses a new lexicon to describe the metamorphosis from- 
  1. Classroom to Learning Studio

  2. Library to Learning Commons

  3. Lab to Makerspace
My team-based approach is ideal as I often work with district central office education staff, IT/Ed Tech, Facilities, Procurement and Maintenance staffs.
My project-based strategy is to accomplish the client's vision through my partnerships with authorized manufacturer vendors, and system integrators with expertise in furniture and technology installations. I'm here to work with you to design and create (or as I like to say, "craft") innovative learning spaces where students and teachers feel safe and are motivated to learn together.
Katie Wagner's 3rd Grade Learning Studio, McKinley Elementary San Diego, CA 
The Green Table is the latest donation by Dean Smith and Jeff Rogers from D&D facilitated through Project Learning Spaces™.
As educators, before we can talk about "collaborative learning," we first need to talk about "social and emotional learning" as the heart and soul to student communication and collaboration. As technology has become so ubiquitous in the twenty-first century, many people have come to lean on technology to lead educational systems change. However, I'm more encouraged by the growing movement to focus on crafting "well-being" into learning environments as a social and emotional support for learning. In a word, think of "cozy" to guide a teacher, librarian, administrator or architect in their design of a learning space or school. Students today still need the human touch to facilitate their conversations and collaborations as they maturate in both physical and digital learning spaces.  
–Doug McIntosh

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